We envision to become a leading diversified holding company, maximising shareholders’ value and enabling economic development globally with specific focus on emerging markets of Middle East, North Africa and India Region.


  • We are a holding company that manages a portfolio of diversified businesses through our subsidiary companies and joint venture partnerships operating in Healthcare, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Education, Hospitality and Environment sectors globally, with a sizeable footprint in the United Arab Emirates.
  • We provide corporate support and services to our operating entities pertaining to strategic initiatives, financial planning, networking and business development, risk assessment and mitigation, legal and compliance, employee development, information technology and media relations.
  • We thrive on our strong relationships with co-investors and lenders, and continuously endeavour to create synergic business opportunities organically and inorganically, leading to shareholders value maximization over medium and long periods of times.
  • We provide a professional work environment and career development opportunities to our multicultural and highly talented employees who are also our proud ambassadors to internal and external communities.


Collective beliefs close to our hearts...

  • Honesty: we construe honesty as the fundamental pillar of our business and existence.
  • Ambition: we set high performance standards for ourselves and continually aspire to achieve them.
  • Teamwork: we thrive on coherent wisdom of our distinguished people who we also consider as our true assets.
  • Alliance: we believe in forming sustainable business alliances that provide impetus to our success and growth.
  • Humility: we religiously follow our founders’ family ethos of humility, respect and care towards others.
  • Social Responsibility: we remain mindful of our social responsibility and contribute towards sustainable development of the society.