Incubators and growing ecosystems

Incubators and growing ecosystems

July 1, 2019: Technology has allowed us to achieve a better quality of life,and has been a disruptor to both economies and societies. Tech has transformed modern life and improved it for over 7.7 billion people today.

FinTech has experienced exponential growth in recent years. FinTech brought us revolutionary applications such as mobile payment applications, Blockchain, and Crypto-Currencies – an area in which Facebook plans to enter and target its two billion users. But it’s not just the giants that are driving the innovation: It’s the ecosystems within the sector – the hubs of talent that are connecting across borders and within micro-markets to imagine new ways of applying technology to financial services.

Finablr seeks to empower accelerators and incubators through our Innovation Hubs program. Our programs enable companies, by providing access to Finablr’s owned ecosystem of products and services, compliance and proprietary technology.

As investors we need to be mindful of generating attractive returns, but with access to capital comes a responsibility to foster innovation too. My view is that we are on the cusp of huge growth in the influence and expansion within FinTech. With a little patience and some careful guidance, I am confident that we can realize our ambitions.

– Binay Shetty