Executing strategy and driving change in the healthcare sector

Accelerating Entrepreneurship and Future Growth

September 3, 2019: Since the dawn of time, mankind has been exploring ways to heal illnesses, improve the quality of life and live longer. The drive is an instinct, leading to the establishment of entire industries, including research and healthcare. Like all disciplines and industries, healthcare specifically has developed rapidly, especially with the latest technologies and treatments evolving today that are transforming the healthcare industry.

Artificial intelligence and the internet-of-medical-things are some of the key transformative technologies steering the debate around disruption in healthcare and signaling new opportunities around building the sector’s future. Moreover, the emergence of precision medicine has enabled access to care that is based on specific medical conditions or illnesses that are linked to the demographics of patients. These shifts in the healthcare sector are most evident here in the UAE, where the leadership is laser-focused on adopting the most advanced technologies.

At Neopharma, NMC Healthcare and BR Life, we are looking very closely at technology and the trends shaping diagnostics and patient care. In addition to improving the quality of people’s lives, we are committed to delivering value in the form of better access to resources and care while introducing the most cutting-edge treatments and solutions. As a strong advocate of the potential of technologies and innovation, I look forward to a future with a more accessible and evolved medical landscape.

– Binay Shetty