Pharmed Healthcare

To be recognized as the quality affordable solutions for healthcare products by seeking quality in all aspects of our business to take a leading position among pharmaceutical companies in Egypt.

In addition to our own portfolio , we are specialized in contract & Toll manufacturing for pharmaceutical companies which are looking for high quality Capsules & tablets products . Pharmed has Research and development based manufacturing activities, driven by intellectual capabilities. Pharmed Facility & systems designed in line with international cGMP standards.

  • Dedicated HVAC system to all critical process areas with terminal HEPA filters and low level return raisers.
  • Dedicated warehouses for storage of Raw Materials & Finished Goods with dedicated HVAC system. (Provision for Packing Material warehouse in phase 2 expansion).
  • Solvent storage area is equipped with dedicated HVAC system having 100 % fresh air supply (once through system).
  • RH controlled storage area for storage of Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules (RH NMT 50%)
  • Antistatic floor for protecting product, persons and equipment form static electric shocks generated during product handling (in Solvent storage area, Sampling, Dispensing, Granulation areas & coating areas).
  • Dedicated dust extraction system to remove the powder generated during handling.
  • Dedicated area for cleaning of filters (LAF / AHU filters) with wet scrubber.