BRS Ventures believes infrastructure to be one of the key factors in urban development. The company plays an active role in contributing to the sustainable infrastructure investments to spur economic growth, while building progressive nations and developing communities.

The subsidiaries with long standing reputation and proven capacities provide vital construction materials and equipment for large and small scale real estate and infrastructure projects across the world. The contracting and maintenance division of BRS Ventures provides high quality, cost effective building and maintenance services right from the beginning of a project to the final stage of completion. The company also specialises in supplying a range of heavy construction machinery and equipment catering to building and construction requirements.

BRS Ventures also provides expert consulting and advisory services to its subsidiaries in the infrastructure segment. Besides manufacturing high quality melamine boards, the infrastructure arm of BRS Ventures is a front runner in promoting Green building materials in the GCC. The green building practice supports environmentally sustainable projects, complementing utility, durability and comfort.  BRS Ventures has also pioneered in providing seamless solutions in the energy sector. The oil field services division keeps pace with the latest innovations and specialises in pipeline systems and equipment. It provides reliable solutions that meet the needs of various oil and gas companies in the Arabian Gulf.

Through its advertising business, BRS Ventures successfully brings brands closer to its audience. From designing signboards to creating advertising campaigns in print and digital divisions, the advertising entity offers effective branding solutions catering to client requirements.