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FinablrFinablr is a holding company in UK which brings together category-leading global financial services brands including UAE Exchange, Travelex, Xpress Money, Ditto, Remit2India, and Swych under one network. With technology innovation at its core, Finablr seeks to drive the agenda of financial enablement and empowerment of customers through R&D efforts, industry ecosystem engagements, investments and potential acquisitions. With over four decades of industry experience and 18,000+ employees, the Finablr network brands have a direct presence in 45 countries and a network reach across 165 countries. Collectively, the Finablr network touches over a billion lives through its retail stores, agents, and digital channels.

Finablr was listed on the London Stock Exchange in May 2019.

  • UAE Exchange

    UAE Exchange

  • Travelex


  • Xpress Money

    Xpress Money

  • Ditto


  • Remit2India


  • Unimoni


  • Swych